One of the characteristics of K-pop fan culture is to enjoy reaction videos of people reacting to K-pop.

In particular, it is popular among overseas fans, and these days, a K-pop reaction channel featuring American classical musicians is emerging.

This American YouTuber was met by Kim Soo-hyun, a reporter specializing in culture and art.


This is a K-pop reaction channel featuring students from the prestigious US music school Eastman School of Music.

In 2015, Woomu, who was a K-pop fan, also started as a hobby by gathering friends.

[Umu/ReacttotheK Channel Operator: K-pop is like a 3-minute musical or movie made as exciting as possible.

I thought it would be a huge cultural shock to film my friends reacting to my favorite K-pop group.]

The sight of 16 students majoring in classical and jazz honestly responding to K-pop, an unfamiliar field, started to gain huge popularity.

[(Jimin 'Lie'): It seems that the contents of the lyrics were expressed with notes (text painting.) It was kept in a minor key, but suddenly it became a major key only in the part 'I'm caught in a lie'.]

[((G)I-DLE 'Nxde' ) : This descending melody is the 'Habanera' of 'Carmen'!]

The reaction based on musical knowledge is the biggest attraction.

[Umu/ReacttotheK Channel Operator: People often ask me through tweets.

'What the hell happened to this song?'

If our channel's fans are confused about a song, we're here to help.

I'll answer your question.]

The number of uploaded videos has reached 1,000, and the number of subscribers has exceeded 800,000.

These days, Korean agencies are asking for reactions to new songs.

Channel operator Umu majored in horn, but chose to become a full-time K-pop YouTuber after graduation.

[Umu/ReacttotheK Channel Operator: What do you think?

(I was worried) Everyone supported my decision.

Classical and pop genres sound completely different, but the purpose of expressing people's emotions and conveying messages through music is the same, right?]

Along with K-pop's worldwide popularity, fan culture is also expanding in various ways.

(Video editing: Choi Hye-young, VJ: Oh Se-gwan, screen courtesy: YouTube ReacttotheK)