Circumstances in which a son in his 50s who killed his mother in his 80s on the 25th in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province attempted to destroy evidence were revealed during the police investigation.

When the police initially examined the hand hammer found at the scene of the incident, they could not find the mother's blood reaction, but it is known that DNA was confirmed after a close examination.

The police believe that the second son, A, in his 50s, wiped the hammer with detergent.

The results of the first autopsy at the National Forensic Service also showed that the mother died after being hit by a blunt instrument.

However, during the police investigation, Mr. A does not admit the charges, saying that he did not kill his mother and did not know that he died.

Yesterday (27th), the police arrested Mr. A on charges of murdering an ascendant.

On the 26th, after receiving a report from her eldest son that she could not be contacted, the police found her mother dead in a house in Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk.

At the time of her discovery, her mother's limbs were tied with tape and her head was scarred.

The police identified and investigated the second Mr. A, who was living with his mother, as a suspect, and arrested him on the 27th, a day later.

Mr. A is said to have had a conflict with his mother over the issue of being admitted to a mental hospital.

Based on the statements and evidence obtained so far, the police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. A today and continue further investigation.