Almost 300 flights were canceled or delayed yesterday, but most of Jeju Airport's operations were normalized today (28th).

At Jeju Airport yesterday, 78 flights were canceled and about 200 flights were delayed due to strong winds of 19.7 meters per second.

However, the Korea Meteorological Administration requested that those who plan to use it check the flight information in advance, as strong winds may blow again and disruptions to the flight may occur again.

As for ferries, storm warnings are still issued, and some of them are canceled.

Only 4 out of 10 passenger ships going to and from Jeju Port are scheduled to operate on 4 routes, and all passenger ships going to and from the main island of Jeju Island and Marado have been restricted.

In addition, as it snowed heavily in Jeju Island, visiting Hallasan Mountain was also banned.

As of 10 am, in the last 24 hours, 43.5cm of snow fell on Hallasan Sajebi, 37.4cm on Eorimok, and 30cm on Samgakbong.

As a result, the visit to Hallasan Mountain was restricted for the second day following yesterday, and all vehicles on the 1100 Road and the 516 Road were also controlled.