Amid the government's plan to intensively crack down on illegal activities by some unions at construction sites, the police arrested two executives of the KCTU's construction union.

The Violent Investigation Unit of the Northern Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency announced that it had arrested two construction union officials and booked one without detention on charges of obstruction of business, attempted use of goods, and violation of the Infectious Disease Control Act.

These people are accused of interfering with construction a total of 26 times from February to September 2021 by holding rallies to force members to write at apartment construction sites in Yangju and Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do.

The police said it was investigated that these people were lying at the entrance to the construction site or obstructing the entry of ready-mixed concrete cars by dropping coins on the floor and then picking them up.

He is also accused of violating the ban on gatherings of 5 or more people due to the corona crisis.

The police have announced that they will continue special crackdown activities until June 25 to eradicate illegal activities at construction sites.

The Yangju Dongjucheon Regional Committee of the Progressive Party issued a statement today, claiming that this arrest was the regime's killing of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, saying that it was a case in which labor and management signed a collective bargaining agreement to drop all complaints.

(Photo = Courtesy of Gyeonggi-do Northern Police Agency, Yonhap News)