Yesterday (26th), a truck that was running in a tunnel suddenly caught fire.

The driver of another car who saw it risked using a fire hydrant to put out the flames.

The story of a brave citizen who said his childhood dream was to be a firefighter, is told by reporter Pyeong-Hyeon Park.


Flames soar from a large truck stopped in a tunnel.

As the gray smoke spread into the tunnel in an instant, a man who stopped the car quickly jumped over the railing and took 

out a hose from a fire hydrant installed on the tunnel wall.

The truck driver grabs the hose and sprays it with a deft hand.

Yesterday at around 2:00 pm, a truck fire that occurred in the Sapaesan Tunnel on the 1st Ring Expressway in the metropolitan area was extinguished in about 40 minutes.

A man sprayed water to stop the fire from growing, and a fire truck arrived and put out the fire completely.

This is Sapaesan Tunnel, where three lanes were controlled due to a fire yesterday.

Thanks to the good use of the fire hydrant on the wall, communication was quickly resumed.

The main character on the screen is Kim Gwang-yeon, a 39-year-old office worker.

Kim, whose dream was to become a firefighter at this time, has been working as a volunteer firefighter at Eunpyeong Fire Station in Seoul since the end of 2018.

[Kim Gwang-yeon/Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul: There was a fire at the bottom right of the truck.

Too much smoke coming out...

(It's dangerous) I can't think of that

I did, and I thought I just had to quell it quickly.

Because it shouldn't happen if a second accident occurs.]

In a situation that could have led to a major disaster, Mr. Kim was embarrassed, saying that it was something anyone could do if they stayed calm and knew the basic rules.

[Kim Gwang-yeon/Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul: Fire hydrants are everywhere, even in tunnels.

If you open the door easily, it will open, so after turning the valve, you can run with a fire hose.

It's not difficult.]

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, Video editing: Shin Se-eun)