On the other hand, there are citizens who caught a thief alone in the early morning hours.

I'm a man in my 30s studying to become a police officer, and I caught a voice phishing criminal two years ago.

Reporter Yeo Hyeon-gyo covered this story.


A man wearing a hoodie walks down a deserted alleyway in the dark of the morning.

Moments later he approaches a parked car and he pulls on the passenger side door.

It turned out that this man was also looking for a vehicle with an open door elsewhere.

However, another man follows this person and takes a video with his mobile phone.

It was 31-year-old Lee Hang-soo who handed over the video evidence to the police. 

[Lee Hang-soo/Gwanak-gu, Seoul: When I saw him pulling the handle, I ran and grabbed it, and to secure the impression, I took out my cell phone and put on clothes or shoes...


Mr. Lee, an examinee dreaming of becoming a police officer, witnessed the crime on his way back from studying that day, and followed him for more than 50m.

[Lee Hang-soo/Gwanak-gu, Seoul: When I touched the first vehicle, I was very suspicious that I touched the passenger seat, not the driver's seat, and I wanted to look more closely at other vehicles.

] A certificate of appreciation was awarded to Mr. 

[Lee Gyu-young/Gwanak Police Station Criminal Manager: Risky arrests were made on the spot to prevent further crimes, so we paid a certificate of appreciation and compensation for arresting the perpetrators to repay the effort.

] They even arrested phishing criminals.

[Lee Hang-soo/Gwanak-gu, Seoul: Just looking at the police car makes my heart beat so fast.

When I saw the culprit, of course, my heart beat faster.

I really have to suppress this crime...


Mr. Lee, whose dream is to work in the detective department, plans to take the police exam in March.

(Video coverage: Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Kim Jin-won)