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Life imprisonment was requested against Bruno Garcia-Cruciani for the feminicide of his ex-companion Julie Douib in 2019 in Île-Rousse in Corsica.

"Bruno Garcia-Cruciani did not give Julie Douib a single chance to get out of it," said the requisition magistrate.

Life imprisonment was requested on Friday against Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, 46, tried on appeal at the Assizes of Corse-du-Sud for the feminicide of his ex-companion, Julie Douib, in 2019 in L'Ile-Rousse.

"I ask you to find him guilty and I request life imprisonment with a maximum security sentence of 22 years," said Catherine Levy, the general counsel, to the jurors.

"It is a pure and simple execution", hammered the magistrate in her requisitions, ensuring that this file "does not present any difficulties".

"Any human asks for forgiveness, expresses regret, there is nothing"

"Bruno Garcia-Cruciani did not give Julie Douib a single chance to get out of it", she assured, recalling that he "hunted her" before shooting her on March 3, 2019 at Ile Rousse, in Corsica.

"There is absolutely no doubt, neither about the ballistic expertise, nor about the psychiatric and psychological expertise", she listed, adding that there is "no empathy".

"Any human asks for forgiveness, expresses regret, there is nothing there".



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"Just showing up at someone's doorstep with a loaded gun constitutes premeditation," she also said.

To further underline this premeditation, she detailed the research on the internet carried out before the facts by the accused on the "penalty for intentional homicide" or how to "leave to live in Thailand".

Also aggravating circumstances, the sale of his vehicles and the fact of having entrusted the children's passports to his "tata de coeur" before the facts.

"Nothing stops him, even in detention"

"The premeditation is therefore established, the violence is also established and the dangerousness of Bruno Garcia-Cruciani too", she summarized.

The Advocate General then recalled the death threats made by the accused during his detention after the death of Julie Douib, against friends of the latter, a sports coach she frequented and her father.

"Nothing stops him, even in detention," she summed up.

"It's quite unusual, I've been a magistrate for 40 years" and "I've never seen people in detention foment conspiracies and death threats in a sophisticated way".

Defense arguments are scheduled for Friday afternoon and the verdict is expected in the evening.

At first instance, the accused had been sentenced to life imprisonment with a security period of 22 years and the deprivation of his parental authority.