With cold wave warnings issued in various parts of the central region, cold weather will continue on the weekend.

In particular, in Jeju, where strong winds blew along with snow, planes are failing to land and land on time again following the Lunar New Year holiday.

I am a reporter at JIBS Kim Dong-eun.


A huge snowstorm rages.

The aircraft swayed in the wind and flew, and barely managed to land.

In strong snowstorms, runways often appear and then disappear.

At Jeju Airport, where a sudden change wind warning was issued, strong winds with an instantaneous maximum wind speed of over 20m per second blew.

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Flight operations began to be disrupted in the morning.

More than 70 flights were canceled and over 90 were delayed.

Most of them are due to bad weather in Jeju, but 4 flights were canceled due to reasons in other regions.

[Kim Seung-hyun/Ildo-dong, Jeju-si: I'm waiting because it's canceled.

The standby is number 28, and I don't know if I can go up...


A lot of snow fell mainly in the mountains of Jeju.

As the snow that had not yet melted continued to accumulate, more than 50 cm of snow fell on Hallasan Sajebi.

Tomorrow (28th), 5cm more snow is expected to fall on the coast and up to 15cm in the mountains by daytime.

A lot of snow fell in the mountains of Jeju, where a heavy snow warning was issued, and major mountain roads in the province were also closed.

Due to the influence of the cold continental high pressure, the maximum temperature during the day was 3 to 4 degrees lower than normal by 7 degrees.

(Video coverage: Yun In-soo JIBS · Go Seung-han JIBS)