There is a lot of toxic snow news this year.

The good deeds of those who helped drivers trapped in the snow for more than an hour became a hot topic.

On the SNS of the Gwangju Police Agency the day before yesterday (25th), a video titled 'A touching true story of the police and citizens together in the unstoppable heavy snow' was uploaded.

On the 23rd of last month, during work hours, several vehicles were trapped by snow on a road in Sinyong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, where a heavy snowfall warning was issued.

The snow on the road caused the wheels to spin and the cars stopped.

At this time, two people who witnessed the scene cleared the snow under the wheels, pushed from behind, and sat in the driver's seat to get the vehicle out.

Their good deed continued for over an hour, and as a result of confirmation, the two were the owner of a nearby tire shop and an incumbent police officer.

A citizen who took a video of the situation at the time and reported it said, "The two people continued to push the car at risk, but the majority did not even say "thank you".

(Video source: Gwangju Police Agency Facebook)