The strong cold wave that began on the last day of the holiday continues.

A lot of snow of up to 10 cm or more was also predicted, centering on the central region from the night.

Reporter Seo Dong-gyun reports.


The whole country was frozen solid by a strong cold wave.

Today (25th), the lowest temperature in Seoul will be minus 18 degrees Celsius, the coldest this winter, and the whole country will be trapped in cold temperatures of -15 degrees below zero, including Daegwallyeong -26 degrees, Daejeon -17 degrees, and Daegu -15 degrees.

Temperatures will not rise even during the day, and most areas across the country will stay below freezing throughout the day.

A cold wave warning is in effect for inland areas centered on the metropolitan area, and a cold wave advisory is in effect for the rest of the country.

The wind blows strongly in the cold below freezing, and the perceived temperature will be even lower.

In the mountains, coastal areas, and Jeju Island, very strong winds of over 20m per second blow instantaneously, requiring attention to damage to outdoor installations such as signboards and falling objects.

Stormy winds are strong in all waters, and a storm warning is in effect.

The east coast has very strong waves, and there are places where high waves cross breakwaters or coastal roads, so it is necessary to refrain from entering the beach and prepare for traffic safety.

Until noon today, snow will continue centering on Honam and Jeju Island.

Snow cover of 5 to 10 cm in the mountains of Jeju Island, 2 to 7 cm in Jeju Island, and around 1 cm in the west coast of Honam are expected.

From midnight, a lot of snow is expected in the central region, but until tomorrow, more than 10 cm of snow is predicted in Incheon, the west coast of Gyeonggi, and the west coast of Chungnam.

The Korea Meteorological Administration urged people to pay special attention to the destruction of facilities due to accumulated snow and the icy roads formed by snow accumulation on roads.

(Video editing: Park Ji-in)