Japanese citizens have traditionally only been able to bet in a few different ways, but the emergence of various types of technology has changed things dramatically. How has this seen their habits evolve and new ways of gambling take shape, and what further changes can we expect?

Online Casinos Would Introduce New Games

The switch to online casinos has been one of the biggest factors in the entertainment industry this century, as it’s introduced new games to millions of people around the planet. While the Japanese authorities have only recently accepted the introduction of land casinos as part of integrated resorts, we can see from other parts of the world that internet casino games have made a huge impact when introduced. This could be the next logical step for Japan if its land casinos are a success.

We can see how big this industry has become in terms of the competitiveness of the market. Casinos offer free spins among other promotions, giving new players a simple way to get started. Free spins allow new players to get started smoothly and find out which slots they like most, while cash giveaways and golden chips are among the other promotions that make getting started easy. Expect something similar to occur in Japan once online casinos are able to operate here.  

Pachinko Remains Popular but for How Long?

Recent reports suggest that the classic Japanese game of pachinko has been losing popularity, and that part of this may be the fact that it’s now seen as a slower alternative to online games, as players need to spend a lot of time in a pachinko parlor to have a chance of coming away with a profit. There have also been concerns over the amount of electricity consumed by these parlors.

However, the Apple TV+ series adaptation of the novel titled Pachinko helps to show us how deeply ingrained this game is in popular culture. This means that we may see it may evolve into a different type of game in the future, rather than disappear completely. Online pachinko games already exist, but it seems likely that further advances are needed if it’s to become a genuine alternative to land/based pachinko for millions of players.  

Sports to Continue Getting More Accessible

Sports betting in Japan has always been fairly limited, with the list of public sports that people can bet on covering just horse racing, powerboat racing, bicycle racing, and speedway motorcycle racing. It’s carried out through parimutuel betting, meaning that all of the bets are pooled together. All of these sports have become even more popular, as fans have started following them online.

The Japanese Motor Boat Racing Association has confirmed growing interest in the sport in the last few years, and interest in the other sports that are acceptable for wagers in Japan is rising dramatically too, with online betting and people switching from pachinko among the main reasons given. The accessibility and appeal of these sports should continue to grow as technologies like virtual reality and live-streaming make it easier for fans to feel closer to the action.

 These examples show us how these areas have changed, and are likely to change in the future. Bearing this in mind, the Japanese love of betting is likely to grow even further over time.