The obligation to wear a mask indoors, on the 30th, from next Monday, the obligation will change to a recommendation.

Should I buy more masks than before?

Can I stop buying it?

Let's see it together as an article.

Wearing an indoor mask, if you want to, you can take off your mask if you want to be indoors, such as restaurants and cafes from next week.

However, it is not completely lifted, and there are still places where you must wear a mask, such as public transportation, hospitals, and pharmacies.

That's why people who don't have a few masks left are worried.

It seems like it will be a burden to stock up on, and it feels awkward not to buy it.

Experts agree that masks are still an important daily quarantine item.

This is because new Omicron mutations are rampant in the United States and Europe, and the Corona 19 crisis shows no signs of ending.

Experts also advised that it is good to wear a mask well until winter, saying that when spring comes, indoor ventilation is increased and more people go outside, so the crowded environment is relieved.

However, the article added that it is not necessary to wear a mask with a high filtration rate like KF94 as before.

(Article source: Hankook Ilbo)