A man who produced and distributed so-called 'deepfake' pornography, a fake video using a woman's social media photos, has been booked by the police.

The Seoul Gwanak Police Station is investigating a man named Kim in his 20s on charges of distributing false videos under the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence.

In February of last year, Mr. Kim is accused of producing and distributing 'deepfake' pornography, such as synthesizing a picture of the victim's face with another woman's body picture, and distributing it on Twitter and Telegram.

In addition, it was investigated that he contacted the victim with an anonymous social media account and threatened to become his slave or take a picture and send it himself if he wanted to delete it.

It took more than 9 months to identify the perpetrator through IP tracking, but it turned out that the perpetrator was the victim's high school senior.

More details will be delivered in <SBS 8 News> in a while.