last January 23rd.

At the Administrative Welfare Center in Wolpyeong 2-dong, Daejeon City, as usual, the '23rd Donation Angel' appeared with 20 bags of 4kg rice.

The giving of a man in his 30s who brings rice on the 23rd of every month started in July of last year, and the staff at the administrative welfare center only know his face, but don't even know where he lives.

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According to the staff, this man appears on the 23rd as always, delivers rice to the administrative welfare center, and leaves immediately.

Kim Gyeong-ok, head of the health and welfare team, said, "When the donor first came, I asked for his name, but he stubbornly refused."

She added, "She didn't even ask me if I was doing anything related to rice, and she refused to even process donations."

The staff of the Wolpyeong 2-dong Administrative Welfare Center call this man, who appears with a full bag of rice on the 23rd, the 'donation angel of the 23rd'.

In addition, he donated 58 bags of 500g rice cake soup along with 20 bags of rice ahead of this Lunar New Year holiday.

In terms of money, it is equivalent to 600,000 won.

The Wolpyeong 2-dong Administrative Welfare Center distributed this rice and tteokguk tteok to local seniors living alone and vulnerable families.

An elderly man who received warm care from him and the staff of the Administrative Welfare Center expressed his gratitude, saying, "I had a holiday that was not lonely thanks to the fact that no one came to visit even though it was a holiday.

“Wolpyeong 2-dong is one of the areas with the most vulnerable groups in Daejeon,” said Kim Yong-muk, head of the village.