There are gifts that convey the heart, but there are also gifts that are broken even after receiving them.

Office workers put canned food or a set of daily necessities received from the company as a holiday gift on a second-hand trading platform, and they drew attention by uploading photos verifying the gift 'better not to receive it'.

After the Lunar New Year holiday, various communities are posting articles certifying 'holiday gifts that are better not to receive'.

One netizen expressed regret about the gift, saying that most of them wrote the address of their parents' home because they were asked to write down their home address to receive the holiday gift, but their parents would think it was a mistake after opening it.

Another netizen complained, saying, "I received two budae stew meal kits for 2-3 people as a holiday gift."

As the story spread, the 'Small and Medium Business Legend Holiday Gift' post, which caused controversy in the past, also received attention again.

In particular, recently, the story of receiving a 1kg salad or pickled radish set as a holiday gift was revealed and drew attention.

On the other hand, it seems that buying and selling holiday gift sets on used trading apps has become a new trend.

As I introduced last time, please note that it can be an illegal trade for someone who is not certified to trade second-hand health foods.

(Source: DC Inside)