The first collection made by Bárbara Bermejo (43), creator of the brand Quiero unas Bobo's,

consisted of 68 pairs of shoes


"They came to my house, it was a little crazy."

It took her eight months to sell them.

"I could tell you that everything was great, that I sold them right away... But it wasn't like that."

Making up reality does not go with this entrepreneur who has turned her signature into a claim for design, comfort and also 'made in Spain'.

"For seven years I combined my work in the world of advertising with the start of the business"», recalls this training journalist without fear of reinventing herself when necessary.


My first foray into the world of fashion had been customizing espadrilles, but I gave it up when I didn't see a future for it


After closing the agency where she worked, she contacted a 'headhunter' to help her redirect her career.

"It is very dizzying to leave a fixed payroll."

Her idea was to continue combining the two jobs;

She was surprised when the 'talent scout' told her that she wasn't going to find him anything.

"He recommended that I take three months to seriously launch my project and that if it didn't get off the ground in that time, we'd talk again."

The kitten heel has been incorporated into some models.

"For the last four years I have dedicated all my time and energy to my brand", which began as an 'ecommerce' with points of sale in multi-brand stores such as Piamonte or Pez and today has its own store-showroom on Calle Gabriel Lobo.

"In my case,

Instagram made me known

, it's an incredible showcase," he says.

Having worked for many years for other brands, he had the knowledge to enhance his own.


Today we sell 4,000 pairs of shoes a year


Among his clients are the Infanta Sofía and Tamara Falcó, to name two public figures.

Choosing the lasts well, achieving a balance between style and comfort, playing with color ranges and using good materials

represent the pillars of Bobo's.

"They are all leather shoes; we try to ensure that they are not highly treated. The soles are made of leather. We take great care of the details."

The factories are in Alicante, where he goes three or four times a year to have contact with those who are his accomplices in this business adventure.

"At first it was difficult for me to find the factories because my orders were small. In the workshop where I made the first collection they said that they had made it for me because of how insistent, one could say heavy, that it had been," he recalls with a laugh.

"I called every Monday to ask"

Apache model in different colors.

His designs are worn by women in their 30s and 70s.

"Now I want to focus on those of 20.

The ballerinas are not a grandmother's shoe nor are they to be fixed

, "she claims.

There is Kate Moss, one of the culprits that flat shoes became fashionable, to disprove myths and show off her style.

"We sell a lot in Italy and France. Also to expatriates from the UK."

They already have models with retro heels and sneakers.

"The velvet ones have been very popular, but the kitten heel has blown it away."

Copies have also come from the hands of success.


It makes me angry to see my models plagiarized


But she has learned to transform that anger into a way "to reinvent herself and be better."

Every year she brings out two collections, spring-summer and autumn-winter.

"In between I release trailers and limited editions, which allow me to play with the surprise effect."

She also does occasional collaborations with stores in other cities in Spain.

"With the 'online' purchase, the pleasure of going shopping for an afternoon has been lost," she adds.

"In the Madrid store, we receive many women who come from other provinces to try on and see in person what is behind the brand."

It's Wednesday and Cecilia, from the team, and Barbara are preparing some orders.


I think a good part of our success is that we've kept a personality



: Gabriel Lobo, 14. Ballerinas from 120 euros.

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