A report came that he left his dog at a pet hotel and lost the dog, which is like a family member.

He said he had an accident while out of the hotel.

The informant claims that management was negligent, but the company says it was an accident.

Reporter Kim Tae-in of JIBS covered the report.


A pet hotel in Jeju.

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A black Chihuahua climbs onto a chair and jumps over a dog fence.

Then, while the delivery driver opens the door, he goes outside.

It was around 2:30 pm on the 14th that the 7-year-old puppy who had been left at the pet hotel went missing.

The puppy was found after 20 hours of disappearance.

The dog was found road-killed on the road near the bus stop here, about 2 km from the pet hotel.

Her dog owner and her family resent the sudden accident.

Before she went up to Seoul for her family event on the weekend, she trusted the dog to a hotel specializing in pets, but she claims that it went missing due to negligence and negligence on the part of the company.

She also points out that the company missed the golden time to find the pup by notifying it about five hours after it went missing.

[Accident dog companion: It was very difficult to understand that (the dog) was able to escape, but it is more upsetting that the dog owners were not immediately notified.

] They claim that contact with the dog owner is delayed.

[○○ Pet Hotel Official: I'm so sorry for losing your puppy.

After playing well and taking good care of it, suddenly this situation happened in an instant.]

In addition, he explained that he found out about the situation 5 minutes after he went missing, reported it to the abandoned animal rescue team, and went looking for the dog until he stopped the business.