It worked, Roombi smelled it as soon as he left his sleeping station in the hallway, where he charged up electricity at night for the morning cleaning tour.

Roombi is a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner robot with top-class sensors.

Its lidar sensor prevents it from driving into objects, furniture or animals lying around.

Laser beams scan the environment at lightning speed and create three-dimensional images.

Roombi saved a perfect 3D map of his home and the Roombi owner added and refined it in the accompanying smartphone app.

Roombi knows to avoid the area around the hi-fi system because there are a lot of cables on the floor there.

Roombi also has an indoor air sensor built in and a top-notch camera.

Michael Spehr

Editor in the "Technology and Engine" department.

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* * *

Roombi smelled the beer immediately.

The indoor air sensor was rarely wrong, and as it rode its three wheels toward the kitchen, the camera caught at least six empty beer cans on the counter.

He pulled back a little to get a better look: Yes, six cans, and chip crumbs all around the sofa.

Roombi was satisfied and first reported his findings to the head office before he began his morning cleaning trip through the hallway, kitchen and living room.

In the past few days, beer advertising had been played out to the household on all channels, and Roombi now provided the proof: advertising works.

* * *

What do vacuum cleaner robots dream of at night?

Of clean hallways and devoured cotton bunnies?

In the past week, many users of robot vacuum cleaners have been surprised to see pictures from their private homes appearing in Facebook groups.

Photographed by such robots.

Even photos of the owners on the loo.

Supposedly they were just recordings from the homes of beta testers who could have read in the terms and conditions that intimate details were passed on to third parties for evaluation.

Where a camera is installed, it is used.

If the device has an Internet connection, the photos end up with the manufacturer.

And at some point they are on Facebook or in China or with the police.

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