At the end of last year, a rental car driver who was changing lanes on Olympic Boulevard in Seoul ran away after getting into an accident.

Drunk driving and hit-and-run situations were recorded in the black box.

This is the exclusive report of reporter Park Kyung-hyun.


The staggering vehicle hurriedly changed four lanes and collided with a taxi coming from behind.

[There's an accident!] The

driver got out of the car for a moment, but soon drove away, leaving the injured taxi driver behind.

It occurred at the dawn of the 16th of last month, on the access road going up to Hannam Bridge in Seoul.

[The driver who caused the accident (black box recording voice): I can't catch up with you?

Even if you did hit and run, you shouldn't be caught drunk driving.


This is the vehicle the hit-and-run driver rode in.

Immediately after the accident, I drove from Seoul to Suwon with the rear wheel shaking.

After returning the car like this, the driver ran away, so the breathalyzer test could not be done.

[Rental car company employee: When I first entered our office, I was driving and there was an accident because I just slipped...


As Mr. A said, even if you don't get caught driving drunk, the law is not easy.

The taxi driver was diagnosed with 3 weeks of total displacement, and if Mr. A did not escape, a prison sentence of up to 7 years and 6 months is expected, but as the hit and run is added, the court sentence can go up to 30 years.

[Jung Kyung-il/Traffic Accident Lawyer: Even if you can't reveal the fact that you were drunk, you are punished more severely than a drunk driving traffic accident with a prison sentence of 1 to 30 years or a fine of 500 to 30 million won for a hit-and-run crime under the Special Act.] The

police are still A He said he did not respond to the investigation, and we are also considering securing new recruits.

(Video coverage: Yoon Hyung, video editing: Kim Yun-seong)