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An army noncommissioned officer who was mobilized to organize the division commander's accommodation expressed his feelings of shame on social media, and the military authorities came up with an explanation.

Today (4th), according to the Facebook community 'I will deliver it instead of the Army Training Center', a number of noncommissioned officers serving in the Army's 31st Infantry Division recently registered posts publicizing the unfairness of their duties.

The author, who identified himself as the executives of the battalion under direct control of the division, appealed, "There were such unfair things in 2022, but I feel a sense of skepticism and self-doubt about the job of a soldier."

The author added, "On the 7th of last month, five noncommissioned officers were selected and moved to the division commander's residence."

He complained, "Should we not be moving center employees and professional soldiers do these chores during work hours in 2022 instead of the 1980s? Now that there are no military servicemen, should executives do these chores during work hours?" .

The 31st Division posted an explanation that it was not an unfair work order, admitting that it had mobilized noncommissioned officers to organize the official residence at the time of the transfer of division commander and inauguration.

The 31st Division explained, "We convey our condolences to the executives who must have experienced inconvenience," and "the items relocated and maintained at the commander's residence this time are unit items, not the commander's personal items."

In addition, “Related regulations also stipulate that the management and maintenance of the commander’s residence is the duty of the unit,” he said. “However, in this case, the unit was undergoing an inspection of the situation at the guard post from the morning of the same day, so additional support was inevitably provided by an executive from another unit.” It was vague.