Twenty-four members of the National Coalition for the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Jeonjang-yeon), who caused delays on their way to work due to protests on the subway, were sent to the prosecution on charges of obstruction of general traffic and obstruction of business.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said at a press conference today (2nd), "Seoul Namdaemun Police Station is investigating a total of 30 cases and 29 people."

The police will soon finish the investigation on the two members of the Jeon Ji-yeon, who have not yet been investigated, and will hand over the three who have not yet been sent to the prosecution in order after the investigation is over.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Government explained that members of Jeon Jeon-yeon, who were protesting on the subway, were charged with obstructing general traffic under the Criminal Act, as well as obstructing the subway operation of the Seoul Transportation Corporation.

On this morning, the first Monday of the new year, Jeon Jeon was denied a ride by the Seoul Transportation Corporation while trying to protest on the subway from the Samgak area of ​​Subway Line 4 to the direction of Sookmyung University Station.

The police are also planning to conclude the investigation sooner or later on Hwang Hee, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, who is suspected of receiving financial support from the Korea Water Resources Corporation, and decide whether to apply the charges.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Anti-Corruption Public Crime Investigation Team called and investigated Hwang on November 8 last year for violating the Political Fund Act.

Rep. Hwang is suspected of receiving 5 million won in return from a high-ranking official of the Water Resources Corporation in exchange for proposing a bill to allow the Water Resources Corporation to build a building and run a rental business in Smart City, Busan, an innovative industry fostering complex. In February 2021, it was reported to the police.

In this regard, the police are investigating and prosecuted Park Jae-hyun, president of Korea Water Resources Corporation, and an incumbent university professor for violating the Political Fund Act.

Regarding Mr. Kim, the 'Villa King' who died after buying 1,139 officetels and committing charter fraud, he said that he is investigating whether he is an accomplice by indicting five people, including the landlord.

In addition, it was found that the account warrant was issued along with the investigation of related persons such as the building owner and the sales agent, and the flow of funds was also analyzed.

Regarding the suspicion that Mr. Kim was killed by the organization behind it, the police said, "There is no suspicion of murder."

Four people were investigated for the surprise occupation of the Democratic Party of Korea by union members belonging to the KCTU, and an additional five people who were hospitalized and discharged from the hospital due to a hunger strike will be investigated.

In addition, in relation to the stalking case of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon, we plan to review whether to request a warrant again after conducting a reinforcement investigation on the heads of YouTube media 'Citizen Media The Exploration' Kang Jin-goo and Choi Young-min, whose arrest warrant was dismissed.