On the morning of today (2nd), the National Solidarity for the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (hereafter Jeon Yeon-yeon) resumed the demonstration in the Samgak area of ​​Subway Line 4.

On the first day of work of the new year, Jeon Yeon-yeon went on a subway ride protest to urge budget guarantees for the rights of the disabled.

Previously, the court decided to forcefully adjust the payment of 5 million won to the construction company if Jeon Jeon delays subway operation by more than 5 minutes due to protests on getting on and off the subway.

Jeon Yeon-yeon tried to conduct a boarding propaganda war within 5 minutes according to this adjustment.

However, Jeon Jeon was blocked by Seoul Transportation Corporation employees who were standing blocking the screen door and failed to board.

Members of Jeon Yeon-yeon urged "accept the adjustment," but the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Transportation Corporation employees, who predicted a 'zero-tolerance hardline response', continued to block Jeon's protests.

The station manager in the Samgak region repeatedly broadcast a warning to Jeon Yeon-yeon to request for cessation of protests and eviction at intervals of less than one minute.

Jeon Jeon moved to another platform and tried to board again, but ultimately failed.

Jeon Jeon is scheduled to hold a 2-day, 1-night subway protest in the Samgak area until tomorrow (3rd) morning.

The city of Seoul, which has expressed its intention to reject the court mediation plan, is expected to maintain its 'zero-tolerance response' stance.

(Report: Kim Min-joon / Video coverage: Kim Se-gyeong / Composition: Hong Seong-ju / Editing: Han Man-gil / Production: D Contents Planning Department)