A wish for the new car year?

That the debate about the mobility of the future is less black and white - because individual mobility is a pillar of our freedom and prosperity.

That the art of engineering and good corporate governance are duly recognized again - because in a country poor in raw materials, prosperity and progress are secured by clever minds and innovations.

That the supply of parts and energy will improve - because factories running on the back burner and extremely long delivery times are not a satisfactory situation.

If we had to concentrate on one model request: We would also like to see heart-warming convertibles in the world of electromobility, such as an open Mini, an open VW ID 2 or 3, or something sky-high from Peugeot or Opel,

The year 2022 that is now leaving us was a depressing one in many respects, and the war in Ukraine unleashed by Russia was its low point.

President Vladimir Putin brings so much suffering to the people that broken supply chains and rising prices are hardly worth mentioning in comparison.

But they change everyone's life.

The number of new registrations in Germany and Europe lags far behind normal times, several vehicle models are not available or only available with limited equipment.

In some cars, different wiring harnesses are installed than a year ago, with the result that additional equipment can only be ordered in specified packages.

Or some cars are not delivered because a part is missing.

There are customers of the VW T 7 bus who have been waiting for 14 months.

Whether wiring harnesses, chips or other components,

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We in the editorial office are noticing that too. Getting test cars has become more difficult, sometimes the desired configuration is not available.

Our organizer and colleagues in the vehicle manufacturer's departments do an excellent job and solve what can be solved.

This year we were able to take a close look at 94 cars for our readers, drove 19 motorcycles or scooters, tried out 8 recreational vehicles and swung onto 13 bicycles.

The numerous letters of praise and criticism show how closely you follow and value our work.

The electric drive is on the advance everywhere, in the bicycle it has asserted itself all by itself, in the car it is being promoted as much as possible, politically desired.

This distorts the market and we will see how things develop.

Because from January onwards, the environmental bonus for plug-in hybrids will no longer apply, and the combination of combustion engines and electric motors no longer plays a role in the planning of many manufacturers.

It was supposed to be a bridging technology, with the progress of battery drive the end of this is foreseeable.

Funding will be limited to private individuals from September onwards.

From 2024 onwards, the federal share for battery electric cars with a net list price of up to 45,000 euros will be limited to 3,000 euros.

There is nothing more about it from the state.

We are excited about the highlights of the coming year.

In this case it was technically the brilliantly driving BMW 7 Series.

But the prettiest?

We leave that to the eye of the beholder.

Tesla manages the feat of continuing to exist with just one model duo.

There was almost nothing to see from Audi in 2022, nothing of importance has been announced for 2023, Ingolstadt's lethargy raises question marks.

Let's hope for new impetus in the new year.

“Vorsprung durch Technik” is a good motto – for the whole of Germany.

That will move us in 2023

Alfa Romeo Giulia, Stelvio Facelift: Spring

AMG GT: Autumn

Audi Q8 Facelift: Autumn

BMW XM: Summer

BMW 5 Series: Autumn

Citroën C3: Autumn

Cupra Tavascan: Autumn

Ferrari Purosangue Spring

Fiat Abarth 595 E: Spring

Ford Mustang: Autumn

Honda CRV: Autumn

Hyundai Ioniq 6: Spring

Jeep Avenger: Spring

Kia EV 9: Autumn

Lamborghini Aventador: Summer

Maserati Grand Turismo: Summer

Mazda CX 80: Autumn

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV: Summer

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Autumn

Mini Cooper, E, Countryman ( Presentation): Autumn

Mitsubishi Colt: Autumn

Opel Corsa Facelift: Autumn

Peugeot 408: Spring

Polestar 3 and 4: Autumn

Porsche Panamera: Autumn

Renault Austral: Spring

Rolls Royce Spectre: Autumn

Škoda Superb: Autumn

Smart 1: Spring

Toyota Corolla: Spring

VW Amarok: Summer

VW Passat Variant: Autumn

Volvo EX 90: Autumn