Yesterday (23rd), a man who was being pursued by the police was caught as a suspect in an arson incident that occurred at an adult ballroom in Dong-gu, Daegu.

Daegu Dongbu Police Station announced on the 24th that it had arrested a 61-year-old man A who committed a fire at an adult ballroom.

At around 12:30 noon today, the police arrested Mr. A, who was hiding in a motel in Nam-gu, Daegu, on charges of arson and murder of a building in the present state.

Immediately after the fire, the police confirmed that Mr. A was at the motel after the crime based on CCTV and surrounding inquiries.

At the time of arrest, Mr. A is said to have responded cooperatively without resistance.

However, at the time of the crime, he suffered burns and needed hospital treatment.

As soon as the treatment is completed, the police plan to investigate the details of the crime against Mr. A and apply for an arrest warrant.

Earlier yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out at an adult ballroom in Shincheon-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, killing a woman in her 50s and injuring two men in their 40s.

The deceased is presumed to be the owner of the ballroom where the fire broke out.

The police believe that it is highly likely that Mr. A started the fire using an inflammable substance.