On the morning of the 23rd, a fire broke out on the tracks of Seoul Subway Line 3, and train operation was suspended for more than an hour.

During rush hour, subway line 3, which passes through the middle of Seoul, stopped, causing great inconvenience to citizens.

According to the police and fire authorities, a report came in that a fire broke out on the track in the tunnel between Muakjae Station and Dongnimmun Station at around 6:43 am that day.

It is known that a train engineer found a flame on the track and extinguished it on its own before calling 119.

Seoul Transportation Corporation suspended train service in both directions between Yaksu Station and Gupabal Station on Subway Line 3 to extinguish the fire.

Subway service resumed around 8:12 am about an hour and a half later.

The police and fire authorities evacuated passengers from Muakjae Station and Dongnimmun Station to the outside of the station, and extinguished the fire with about 30 manpower.

In areas such as Muakjae Station, Dongnimmun Station, and Hongje Station, 112 reports were received saying that control was necessary due to the crowds.

As of 9:00 a.m., no casualties have been confirmed.

Seoul Transportation Corporation, which operates subway line 3, has extended the intensive dispatch time to 10:00 am.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government also extended the intensive dispatch time of all 373 intra-city bus routes on 373 routes, which are alternative transportation routes, by 1 hour until 10 am.

Village buses are also planning to extend the intensive dispatch by 1 hour until 10 am in cooperation with the autonomous district.

However, as citizens using Line 3 flocked to other means of transportation such as buses and taxis, traffic congestion occurred on the way to work, especially in areas where subway service was suspended.

Even the temperature fell below minus 12 degrees, and citizens complained of discomfort.

Online, there is a line of posts from office workers who are late for work.

The Seoul Transportation Corporation explained, "It will take some time to recover the subway delay time."