Aside from punishment, the police who went to catch a person who stole something from an unmanned store extended a warm hand.

KNN reporter Park Myung-seon covered the difficult situation of the couple who lived in a small room.

<Reporter> This

is an unmanned store in Busan.

The woman, who hesitated for a while, took out cup noodles, drinks, and snacks.

This woman stole about 80,000 won worth of money from the unmanned store on 16 occasions in 10 days.

After receiving a call from her store owner, police immediately went to arrest the woman.

She chased after the woman and found the lodging she saw was an old jjokbang that had been renovated from an inn.

In the middle of winter, the police found a female couple in their 50s in a small room with no heating and cold wind.

[Kim Jong-seop/Busanjin Police Department Detective Division: The floor was too cold like a cold pit, and there was no other warmth at all, and it was very cold recently, but I felt that the environment was too poor because there was no gas.] As a

result of the police investigation, there was nothing to eat right away .

It was confirmed that he committed the crime.

Detectives who saw the living conditions of the two confirmed their identities and prepared and delivered daily necessities such as ramen and masks.

After hearing the situation from the police, the district office plans to promote the couple's move.

[Busan Jin-gu Office, Beomcheon 1-dong Community Service Center Official: Since the house is not heated and is vulnerable, these people also want to move, and we are looking into moving from their current residence first.]

Meanwhile, the police prosecute the woman who stole the goods without detention. Judicial processing will continue.

(Video coverage: Jeon Jae-hyeon KNN, Screen provided: Busan Metropolitan Police Agency)