Winter vacation is fast approaching.

This means for many French people hours on the road to visit family and spend the end of year celebrations with loved ones.

On this occasion, the Waze application had the idea of ​​adapting the tool guiding motorists to the festive atmosphere.

The objective claimed by the group in a press release relayed by Capital

is to brighten up users' journeys.


Let Father Christmas guide you (just that) for the end of year celebrations. 

Watch out for the trees!

And above all, we wish you many gifts on the road!

— Waze France (@Waze_France) December 7, 2022

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To immerse them in a state of mind worthy of the Christmas atmosphere, the app offers a voice and visuals evoking the end of the year celebrations.

The "Drive with Santa Claus" option, already available in the United States, has arrived in France, Waze announced on Twitter on Wednesday.

To activate it, nothing could be simpler.

Just go to the profile on the "My Waze" page and click on the feature.

Ride on Santa's sleigh

You can then select a Santa Claus, naughty or nice in the shape of a cookie depending on your mood at the time, to represent you on the card.

Then, it's up to you to choose Santa's sleigh as your car icon, only visible to you.

As for the voice that will tell you the way to go, it can be, if you wish, that of Santa Claus himself.

In this case, do not be surprised if Waze announces "Next stop: the North Pole" or if bells ring when you take an exit.

Similarly, a danger could be signaled by “A lost reindeer perhaps?

» and the app is likely to offer you « What if we sang Christmas carols?

» in the event of a traffic jam.

As you will have understood, the idea is to spread the magic of Christmas throughout your end-of-year journeys, in the same way that Waze had proposed to flee the zombies at Halloween time.


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