In relation to the accident in which a 9-year-old elementary school student died after being hit by a drunk car in a children's protection zone, we focused on the insufficient response of the local government and the police.

A hit-and-run charge was belatedly applied to the perpetrator, and safety facilities such as speed cameras were also decided to be hastily reinforced.

This is reporter Park Ha-jeong.


A suspect who hit and killed an elementary school student on the way home from school for drunk driving has been sent to the prosecution.

['School Zone' drunk driving accident perpetrator: (Why didn't you take direct relief measures?) …


Even though he left the scene immediately after the accident, the police, who did not apply the hit-and-run charge, which had a high legal penalty, belatedly added the hit-and-run charge as the bereaved family's backlash and criticism grew.

At the scene of the accident, the police, Gangnam-gu Office, and Ministry of Public Administration and Security officials went on-site inspection.

We also came up with belated measures.

This is the intersection that comes right out of the school gate.

This is where the accident happened.

The improvement measures put forward by related organizations such as the police and district offices are as follows.

It is intended to install additional crosswalks where there are no crosswalks and to increase the height of existing speed bumps.

We also decided to install a new speed camera.

It was a measure that could have been taken by the police and district offices at their own discretion if they wanted to, but it was finally introduced after citing various reasons such as lack of budget and consultations with related organizations.

In the case of speed cameras, even this is difficult to apply right away as it is decided to remove it from schools scheduled to be closed after March next year.

Parents say it is also necessary to change two-way traffic to one-way traffic.

[Kang Geun-hwa/Parent: (The road) is narrow.

There is a risk that the children will not be able to see the car, so I always had the idea that it would be nice to have a one-way street.]

The Gangnam-gu Office decided to review one-way traffic for 12 schools in the district, but two years ago it was canceled due to opposition from residents. There is no way to be sure.