USB-C for everyone in Europe, it's signed.

The European Union has chosen the date of December 28, 2024 as the ultimatum for manufacturers.

No more electronic device can be manufactured, after this date, with a connection other than USB-C for charging, reports The Verge relayed by Frandroid.

The regulations were published in the Official Journal on Wednesday 7 December.

The text will be applied 20 days after its publication and the member countries will then have two years to put it in place, which postpones the deadline to December 28, 2024. Until then, no precise date was known, even if the autumn 2024 or the end of that year had been mentioned.

🔌The Directive (EU) 2022/2380 related to the #CommonCharger for mobile devices is published in the #OfficialJournal

It will enter into force on 27/12/2022


#ThisIsTheEU #Sustainability #IMCO #SingleMarket

— EUR-Lex (@EURLex) December 8, 2022

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From iPhone 17?

Apple, which has a specific connector, will not be able to escape it.

But the American company could afford to wait for the release of its new models by 2025 to switch all its devices to USB-C.

This would mean that the standard would appear on the iPhone 17 if we follow the company's momentum.

Rumors speak, for their part, of a placement from the iPhone 15, but only on the Pro versions.

However, if the company still wants to avoid the USB-C standard, nothing prevents it from producing 100% wireless devices.

Computers in 2026?

The standard is also intended to apply to tablets, digital cameras and wireless headphones, in addition to smartphones.

It could then be extended for computers and portable consoles in 2026.

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