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A woman in her 30s was sentenced to prison for allegedly defrauding customers of more than 3 billion won over 10 years, saying that she would buy luxury goods at employee prices.

Yesterday (6th), according to the legal community, the 11th Criminal Division of the Daegu District Court (Chief Judge Lee Sang-oh) sentenced Mr. A (38) to 5 years in prison for charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes (fraud). .

After establishing a relationship of trust with customers who visited the cosmetics store, Mr. A received the money saying, “You can purchase products with an employee discount,” and intercepted an amount of 3 billion won for 10 years. Handed over.

Mr. A, who joined the cosmetics company's division in the past, worked at a department store cosmetics store from 2006 to April 25 this year.

She then committed a crime by deceiving victims who visited as guests by saying, "You can purchase expensive luxury bags and watches at an employee discount," and that "products can be received in about six months after application." .

However, it was revealed that Mr. A was only intending to use the remittance money to repay debts such as credit card payments, but had no intention or ability to purchase actual employee discount products and send them to the victim.

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The judge pointed out, "The nature of the crime of the accused is very bad and the possibility of criticism is high in view of the fraudulent method and period, and the amount of damage."

"The fact that the remaining victims except for five have not forgiven, the fact that the damage amount of 2 billion won has not yet been recovered, and the question of whether they are truly reflecting on their crimes by making excuses that are somewhat difficult to understand are put together. “He explained the reason for the sentencing.