In a middle school in Busan, when bread with an expiration date was served for lunch to students, there was controversy, and the manufacturer explained that it had mistakenly stamped the 'expiration date stamp'.

Today (7th), middle school A in Yeonje-gu, Busan, provided convenience foods such as pizza bread, chocolate milk, and energy bars for all students who took final exams and returned home early.

However, the expiration date written on the provided pizza bread bag was marked as 'December 4, 2022'.

If this notation is correct, the pizza bread was supplied to the students even though it was 3 days past its expiration date.

In response, the school questioned catering companies and manufacturers about how expired bread was supplied to school meals. 

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Then, the manufacturer explained, "There was a mistake when stamping the expiration date."

A school official said, "When the company stamped the expiration date on the bread bag, it should have been written 'December 14th', but the worker explained that he stamped 'December 4th' by mistake." We have requested the submission of CCTV and reasons for the manufacturing process.”

In addition, the school said, "So far, no students have reported any abnormalities among the students who ate the bread."

Regarding the series of disturbances, the head of the school said, "I first notified the parents of the fact that this happened by text message." said.

(Photo = Yonhap News)