As the investigation into the Itaewon disaster continues, the court is reviewing whether to arrest four police officers, including former Yongsan Police Station chief Lee Im-jae.

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Reporter Kim Hyung-rae, is the warrant review over?


Yes, the warrant review for four police officers, including former Yongsan Chief Lee Im-jae, began at 2:00 p.m., and it was all over in four hours.

Whether or not to arrest will be decided tonight (5th) at the earliest.

Former Chief Lee is accused of increasing casualties by not deploying additional police officers even after a large crowd was expected during Halloween, and by failing to take appropriate relief measures even after the disaster occurred.

At around 3:30 in the afternoon, Lee, who was the first to finish the screening, remained silent.

[Lee Im-jae/Former Yongsan Police Station Chief: (What part did you explain today? Just one word please.)…


Song Byeong-joo, former head of the Yongsan Police Station 112 Situation Office, who is accused of the same, Park Seong-min, former head of the information department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and Kim Jin-ho, former information manager of the Yongsan Police Station, who are accused of ordering to delete a preliminary information report analyzing the risk of Halloween crowds after the disaster, are also accused of the same. I was speechless.

Whether or not they are arrested seems to be an important watershed in the investigation toward the upper ranks, including Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Commissioner Kim Kwang-ho.


Did the Special Investigation Headquarters book an additional suspect today?


Yes, the special version said that three additional people were booked, including the head of the Yongsan-seo 112 situation team, the head of the Seoul Transportation Corporation's Dongmyo business office, and the head of the Yongsan-gu public health center.

Among them, the head of Dongmyo Sales Office is accused of failing to comply with the order to review the non-stop passage through Itaewon Station before the disaster.

The special edition will soon decide whether to apply for arrest warrants for Yongsan-gu Office Chief Park Hee-young and Yongsan Fire Chief Choi Seong-beom.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok · Choi Jun-shik, video editing: Park Ki-deok)