I couldn't go to Qatar, but there are so many people cheering hard at home.

However, as the game is played late at night or early in the morning, there is even a noise conflict between floors.

With the TV turned on loudly until dawn and cheering loudly depending on the game result or stamping their feet, complaints such as 'I couldn't sleep' and 'I had trouble waking up the baby who barely slept' are being followed.

When they protest against this, most of them apologize by saying, "I'll be careful," but sometimes they say, "It only happens once in four years, and I don't understand this," and sometimes it turns into a fight.

Among netizens, there are opinions such as 'no matter how World Cup is, a person preparing for an exam or a patient may live together in the same apartment, so it is right to be careful', 'If you want to cheer comfortably, go out to cheer on the street or go to a bar'. There were also opinions such as 'If it's a Korean game, it would be better to understand each other' and 'It's okay as long as you don't make noise for 2 hours'.