A woman in her 30s was assaulted by a man in a residential area.

The assault continued even after the victim collapsed, saying not to feed the stray cat, but the police launched an investigation.

This is TBC reporter Nam Hyo-joo.


It was an alley in a residential area in Nam-gu, Daegu around 5 pm on the 1st.

A man in his 40s wearing a mask grabs a woman in her 30s by the neck and punches her in the face while immobilizing her.

This man's punching, which has no one-sided expression, does not stop even after the woman collapses.

[Victim: This person spat in my face.

(After that) I pushed her to a corner and stopped her from moving, so I started beating her violently.]

The man dragged the woman into an alley in a residential area without CCTV and started beating her. It is.

The reason for the indiscriminate assault was because the woman was feeding the stray cat.

A woman with a 2 week pre-treatment injury complains of her psychological trauma.

[Victim: When I feed here, cats come and pee on my motorcycle (screaming.) If I go out alone, I avoid meeting people like this.]

Experts say that 'Cat Mom' and 'Cat Daddy' only feed

In addition, they say that it is necessary to stop indiscriminate hatred, saying that they are actively involved in neutering.

[Cho Yun-joo/Professor of Animal Health at Seojeong University: (Cat moms and cat daddies) apply for neutering surgery, and also play a role in managing neutered cats.

It plays a very helpful role in controlling the population...


The era of 1 million stray cats.

As long as the guarantee of animal survival rights and the guarantee of residents' living rights are tightly opposed, it seems that efforts are needed to find a solution to coexistence.

(Video coverage: Go Dae-seung TBC)