▲ Lee Im-jae, former chief of the Yongsan Police Station

Arrest warrants for four senior police officials, including Lee Im-jae, former chief of the Yongsan Police Station, for whom warrants were requested in connection with the Itaewon disaster investigation, will be held today (5th).

The Seoul Western District Court will interrogate four suspects before arrest at 2:00 p.m. today, including former Chief Lee, Byeong-ju Song, former head of the 112 Situation Department at Yongsan Police Station, former head of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Public Safety Information Department, and former head of information department at Yongsan Police Station, Kim Jin-ho.

Chief Lee and Song were accused of increasing casualties by not taking appropriate safety measures before and after the accident, and former chiefs Park and Kim ordered the deletion of an information report analyzing risk factors in Itaewon during Halloween after the disaster. Each is facing charges.

Whether or not to arrest them is expected to be decided tonight at the earliest.

(Photo = Yonhap News)