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Lead] The Special Investigation Headquarters of the police, which is investigating the Itaewon disaster, called Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Commissioner Kim Kwang-ho as a suspect today (2nd).

For more details, let's connect with a reporter from the field to hear it.

Reporter Kim Bo-mi, the investigation started this morning, is it still going on?


Seoul Commissioner Kim Gwang-ho attended the Special Investigation Headquarters at 10:00 am and was investigated for nearly 10 hours before leaving about 10 minutes ago.

[Kim Gwang-ho/Seoul Police Agency Chief: I spoke at the National Assembly on November 17 last time without hiding or helping, and I will continue the investigation today as well without hiding or helping.

] I switched to the status of a suspect.

Through the investigation, it is concluded that there was no fact that Yongsan-seo officially requested the Seoul Metropolitan Government for a riot police, but the special version is responsible for neglecting safety measures in advance as Commissioner Kim is the general manager of public order and security in Seoul, regardless of Yongsan-seo's request or not. I think you can ask.


The investigation into the upper ranks of the police seems to be gradually speeding up.


Yes, first of all, a decision will be made next Monday on whether or not to arrest four police officers, including the former chief of Yongsan Police Station and the former head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Information Department, who first applied for arrest warrants.

The special version said that it plans to apply for arrest warrants for other suspects, including Yongsan-gu Office Chief Park Hee-young and Yongsan Fire Chief Choi Seong-beom.

When asked if the "upper line" investigation could be expanded to National Police Agency Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun, he only said, "We plan to investigate with all possibilities open."

New allegations that took place on the day of the disaster were also revealed.

It is said that the police box falsely entered the action, such as saying that 112 reports of the danger before the accident were dispatched without being dispatched to the site.

The Special Inspection Team commissioned two Itaewon Police Box team leaders to investigate.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, Video editing: Kim Jun-hee)