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Lead] Prosecutors investigating the death of a South Korean public official by a North Korean soldier's gun in the West Sea recently requested an arrest warrant for former National Security Office chief Suh Hoon.

Today (2nd), a warrant review was held, and I will connect you with a reporter from the field.

Reporter Son Hyung-an, it's past 8:00 pm. Has the warrant review been completed?


Yes, the warrant review, which started at 10:00 a.m., continued for over 10 hours and ended at around 8:10 p.m.

By around 4:00 pm, the prosecution insisted on the necessity of arresting former Chief Seo Hoon, while uploading a large amount of PPT to the court.

Now that the interrogation is over, Mr. Seo moves to the Seoul Detention Center to await the results.

Whether or not Seo will be arrested will be decided late tonight or tomorrow morning at the earliest.


Yesterday, ahead of the warrant review, former President Moon Jae-in made a direct statement on this issue, but did former chief Suh Hoon say anything else?


Seo, who is accused of abuse of power and the creation of false public documents, remained silent while appearing in court.

[Seo Hoon/Former Director of the National Security Office: (Did there be instructions from the President during the intelligence process?) …


On the morning of September 23, 2020, the day after the murder of the public official, at a meeting of relevant ministers, a hastily concluded conclusion of defecting to North Korea, and the key person in charge who ordered the manipulation of reports from related agencies and the deletion of wiretapping information from the integrated military information processing system 'MIMS'. are suspecting

Seo's side has denied the allegations, and yesterday, former President Moon Jae-in personally stood up for him, saying, "I personally listened to the reports from the Ministry of National Defense, the Coast Guard, and the National Intelligence Service, and finally approved the reports." It remains to be seen if this will affect the results.

After deciding whether to arrest Seo, the prosecution plans to investigate former NIS chief Park Ji-won.

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, Video editing: Lee Seung-jin, On-site progress: Shin Jin-soo)