As the cargo strike continues, the number of gas stations running out of gas is increasing one by one.

In addition to this, the livestock industry also took an emergency as vehicles transporting feed stopped.

The government is even mobilizing military vehicles as soon as possible.

First of all, this is reporter Jung Joon-ho.


Gasoline is out of stock is posted everywhere at the gas station.

Cars that enter the gas station without seeing it turn the steering wheel and leave.

[Yang Dong-oh/Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: I just have to go.

It's a bit embarrassing because I came here because I ran out of oil.]

On the ninth day of the cargo strike,

60 gas stations nationwide, including 39 in the metropolitan area, ran out of gas.

Although it is still small compared to all gas stations, the problem is that the number of out-of-stock gas stations increases day by day.

The government has committed 56 military tank lorries to fill storage tanks, and has announced that it will increase the number of emergency transport vehicles.

The steel industry claimed that they were suffering damages of 1.1 trillion won because they could not export the steel they produced.

Unshipped steel products are piled up on the road inside the steelworks.

[Shin Sang-ho/CEO SeAH Besteel: There is considerable concern that it may lead to such damage that future volume reduction or certain long-term contracts will become difficult.]

The livestock industry is also facing a crisis as trucks transporting feed and grain stop transporting them.

Feed mills have only 2 to 3 days worth of raw materials.

Farmers in some areas have agreed with freight drivers to get a minimum supply for their livestock, but worry about a prolonged strike.

[Broiler farmer: I'm a little relieved because the chickens are not starving and I'm operating now...

You don't know when (the situation) will change again


The government, which is considering expanding the business start order to other fields such as oil refining and steel, plans to convene a meeting of related ministers even on weekends if necessary to discuss strike measures.

(Video coverage: Jeong Seong-hwa · Cho Chang-hyun · Kim Dae-soo JTV, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)

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