An incident in which a 3rd grade student in an elementary school assaulted a homeroom teacher is shocking.

The Gyeongbuk Provincial Office of Education said that at an elementary school in Gunwi-gun, a male student beat a female homeroom teacher during PE class and is investigating the facts.

3rd grade A hit her classmate's face while playing ball in PE class, and when the homeroom teacher stopped it, it was investigated that the teacher also hit the teacher's face with her fist.

An official from the Military Wi Education Support Office explained, "A group protested to the homeroom teacher and hit her face, asking why she didn't take my side." .

The school plans to open a school rights protection committee next month to review the disposition of group A.

In addition, classmate assault cases will be dealt with by the School Violence Countermeasures Committee.

Considering that Group A is still young, it is expected that punishment at the level of guidance, such as psychological treatment or completion of volunteer work, will be given.