A gang of men who tried to extort money from a man who lured them into prostitution of minors was handed over to the prosecution.

The Gangseo Police Station in Seoul said yesterday (29th) that it sent three people, including a teenage male group B, who failed to assault and extort money from a man in his 50s, on charges of attempted special robbery.

According to the police, at around 3:20 am on the 20th, Mr. A saw a recruitment post for 'underage prostitution' posted on SNS by group B and contacted them at an empty lot in Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

However, B's gang took Mr. A to the vicinity of Bongsan Mountain, beat him, and tried to steal money and valuables.

A nearby resident heard Mr. A shouting "Save me" and reported it to the police, and Mr. B's gang fled, and the police arrested them on the 22nd.

A police official said, "Two people, including Group B, were arrested and the other one was sent without detention."