Labor and management of the Seoul Transportation Corporation, which operates the Seoul subway, had last-minute negotiations today (29th), the day before the strike notice date, but they are having difficulties from the start.

Labor and management resumed the 5th round of negotiations, which had been suspended yesterday, at the headquarters in Seongdong-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm, but it was adjourned within 10 minutes.

When the management presented a new negotiation proposal orally, it is known that the union requested a suspension to arrange it in writing.

The main issues in labor-management negotiations are the restructuring plan and the expansion of safety manpower, and the union demanded the withdrawal of the large-scale manpower reduction plan previously proposed by the management and the expansion of additional manpower to abide by the 'two-man-one-team' working regulations.

The management said that it could not propose a different plan than before.

The union plans to go on a general strike from tomorrow as announced if a compromise cannot be reached in the main negotiations today.

Seoul Transportation Corporation operates subway lines 1 to 8 and some sections of subway line 9.

(Photo = Yonhap News)