Last July, a man in his 40s who was homeless near Seoul Station was caught by the police while robbing a fried chicken restaurant.

When the police asked Mr. A for his ID during the investigation, he replied that he had been taken away.

Let's investigate what happened.

Mr. A, who was serving a prison term for theft two years ago, met another inmate, Mr. B, in his 40s, at the prison.

Mr. B suggested that Mr. A go to Seoul together, saying, "I will make money after being released from prison."

After coming out of prison, the nightmare began when I lived in a multi-family house in Seoul with Mr. B in January of last year.

Mr. A took his ID and bankbook, saying it was necessary for business, and Mr. B's attitude changed.

While in confinement, he was verbally abused and beaten with his fists and iron coat hangers, causing his lower teeth to be broken.

It is in front of the house where they lived.

Mr. B installed a lock outside the door to prevent Mr. A from escaping while he was out.

There are still traces of the lock on the door.

[Multi-household building owner: There is a cheap lock key.

It was sweet.

(Mr. A) I take him out and bring him in every day...

When I went to (home), the floor covering was torn this much.]

Labor exploitation continued against Mr. A, who had become helpless.

He had them work for over 12 hours a day, including taking them to the grocery store they run and having them carry heavy loads.

Meals were just bread and ramen, and I didn't receive a single penny in my salary.

[Nearby merchant: (Mr. A) was a little stiff.

He didn't sit down, he stood like this.

Always holding hands like this.

Even though my legs hurt and it must be difficult.]

Mr. B also stole the disability allowance coming from Mr. A.

The slave-like life continued for 1 year and 4 months, and in May last year, Mr. A escaped from the place of confinement.

The 'mart slavery' incident that took place in the middle of the city for over a year.

However, no one knew about this fact.

[Nearby mart merchant: (Mr. A) said he was an uncle.

Uncle or relative...

But I don't know.]

Two months after Mr. A escaped, he was arrested for theft and Mr. B was also caught by the police.

As a result of the police investigation, along with the facts of confinement and assault on Mr. A, it was also revealed that Mr. B committed fraud by repeatedly buying and selling three new food marts for a year from March of last year.

It is a so-called 'mart hunter' method of buying goods on credit, selling them at a bargain price, and then disappearing without paying for the goods.

[Nearby Merchant: I didn't get the goods from the delivery (company).

Take the deposit from the butcher shop there and eat.

3,000 as far as I know.

It seems that 7 million won was taken out of rice.]

While taking over the mart in the name of another person, such as Mr. A, he did not pay taxes and was able to avoid being tracked by the investigative agency.

The police recently arrested Mr. B on charges such as severe confinement, and sent him to the prosecution.

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae · Yoon Hyung, video editing: Park Ji-in)