Among the many things that have not been revealed even after a month of the disaster, the contents of the 112 radio that the police exchanged on the day of the accident were revealed for the first time.

It is confirmed that the police were only in a hurry to prevent people who were pushed out of the road even though they had already recognized that a major accident could occur an hour before the disaster.

Reporter Kim Hak-hui reports.


This is the transcript of the 112 radio call exchanged between the police on the day of the disaster.

The Democratic Party received a report from the police, and they were instructed to manage the crowds in Itaewon three hours before the disaster.

Most of the content is to push up on the sidewalk so that crowds do not come out of the road.

In response to the instruction to “Blow the whistle and give a strong warning so that everyone can go up to the sidewalk,” they responded, “We will take measures to raise the crowds from the road to the sidewalk with light sticks, etc.”

At 9:01 p.m., about an hour before the disaster, the possibility of an accident was mentioned, saying, "Additional reports continue to come in, and the situation is a major accident and risk prevention case."

At 9:22 p.m., the head of the 112 situation department at Yongsan-seo, who was in Itaewon, reported, "I was only able to secure one lane due to the large number of people, but my experience pushed me to secure about one and a half lanes."

Although the disaster occurred, the exact situation could not be ascertained,

It was confirmed 20 minutes after the disaster that former Yongsan Police Chief Lee Im-jae first appeared on radio.

"Yongsan, Yongsan Chief."

He said, "Send all of the detective team 1 to the other traffic police officers," which contradicts the former chief's claim that he received the first report around 11 p.m.

[Lee Im-jae/Former Yongsan Police Station Chief (Last 16th): I found out about the Itaewon disaster, the point was around 23:00.

] It was on the right side, and the site of the accident was not visible from the Itaewon police box where I worked."

(Video coverage: Jo Choon-dong, Kim Nam-seong, Video editing: Park Jeong-sam, Data provided: Democratic Party Yongsan Itaewon Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters)

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