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A man in his 20s who sexually insulted his superior female noncommissioned officer and assaulted fellow trainees at an army training center was arrested in court.

Judge Kim Dong-hee, the 18th detective of the Incheon District Court, announced that he sentenced Mr. A in his 20s to 10 months in prison and arrested him in court for insulting and assaulting his superior.

In November of last year, Mr. A was indicted without detention on charges of sexually insulting Mr. B, a female noncommissioned officer, twice at the army training center and dormitory in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do.

In addition, it was investigated that Mr. A referred to Mr. B in front of her fellow trainees and made remarks such as "Is that a woman?"

Mr. A is also accused of assaulting three fellow trainees several times in the same month.

Judge Kim said, "The accused sexually insulted his superior, Mr. B, and assaulted his fellow trainees, and the crime was very poor."

“During his military service, the defendant showed an antisocial attitude, such as saying without hesitation, ‘Killing people is easier than I thought. “He explained the reason for the sentencing.