A luxury brand has officially apologized after a campaign advertisement image was criticized by the public for sexually targeting children.

According to foreign media such as CNN on the 24th (local time), the luxury brand 'Balenciaga' apologized for causing sexual objectification and child abuse issues with the advertisement image released last weekend.

Previously, 'Balenciaga' presented a 'gift campaign' to celebrate the end of the year and released advertisement images.

The published advertising image shows a child model standing between products released by Balenciaga, and at this time, a 'teddy bear wearing a harness' was used.

These teddy bears had thick false eyelashes attached to them, were tied to leather harnesses or padlocks, and wore fishnets and the like.

In addition, wine glasses were also used as props.

Consumers who saw the advertisement said, "The teddy bear is clearly a child's object, and it is a problematic behavior that children hold it after making it look sexual" and "Even if there is room for expanded interpretation, children should not be misunderstood." "And CNN also pointed out that "the advertisement reminds me of sadistic sexual acts."

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Some netizens pointed out another Balenciaga advertisement that came up around the same time.

It was an advertisement directed by placing the brand's handbag between piles of documents, and it was revealed that the documents used in the directing were data from the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court ruling against a man who tried to purchase child sexual exploitation.

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As the controversy spread, Balenciaga deleted all posts on its official social media account, saying, "We sincerely apologize to everyone who was offended by our advertisement."

The apology said, "The teddy bear and the child should not have appeared together. We strongly condemn all child abuse and support the safety and healthy life of children."

On the other hand, Balenciaga said, "We will hold those who filmed with unauthorized props accountable," but Gabriele Galimberti, the photographer who shot the commercial, said in an interview with CNN, "I was only taking pictures. , the content of the advertisement is not my responsibility."

(Photo = Twitter, Instagram)