Following the case of a mother and daughter in Suwon who died three months ago from hardships in life, a similar thing happened again in Seoul.

It was a mother and daughter who had been identified as targets of the government's welfare blind spot a few months ago, but she did not receive any help.

This is reporter Park Ha-jeong.


Two ambulances enter the house one after another, and the police scientific investigation unit also enters the house.

On the 23rd, around 11 am, a mother and daughter in their 60s and 30s were found dead in a studio in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul.

The landlord reported that 'the rent was overdue and the contract was over, but the tenant couldn't contact me, so when I went there, she was dead'.

The electricity bill attached to the front door is about 92,000 won overdue for five months.

[Neighbors: (Bills for that floor are in the mailbox) Almost six months and seven months worth of this is piled up, so they are scattered...


It is known that the two have been living in this studio without any special job.

However, in July last year, the mother and daughter were already selected as 'subjects to discover welfare blind spots'.

It is identified as 'crisis information' such as power outage and water outage, because they have not been able to pay health insurance premiums for 14 months and communication expenses for 6 months.

I went to the house from the community center, but it stopped there.

[Gwangjin-gu Office official: (When I went home) 'It looks like someone who lived before, but he's not moving'

After moving from Gwangjin-gu, Seoul to Seodaemun-gu in November last year, he did not report moving in and could not find his contact information.

In the wake of the three mother-daughter case in Suwon, which was placed in a welfare blind spot for the same reason last August, measures to receive contact information from the telecommunications company and include arrears in water and gas bills as crisis information were announced just the other day (24th). It's like leaving .

The police just figured out that the deceased mother received a monthly pension as a retired civil servant, and is investigating why they suffered life and how they died.