The Constitutional Court ruled that the act of forcing the Army Training Center to attend religious events was unconstitutional as it violated the freedom of religion.

Today (24th), the Constitutional Court made a decision with a 6-3 opinion of judges in the case of 'confirming the constitutionality of compulsory attendance at religious events in the Army Training Center', which was raised by five people, including Mr. Kim, against the head of the Army Training Center.

Mr. Kim and others passed the 8th bar exam in 2019, and were appointed public service judges in August of the same year.

In June of the same year, when they entered the Nonsan Army Training Center and received basic military training, the training center asked them to 'select and attend one of the Protestant, Buddhist, Catholic, and Won-Buddhist religious events held within the training center.'

They filed a constitutional complaint in August of that year, arguing that such measures infringed on religious freedom and violated the principle of separation of church and state.

The Constitutional Court said, "Coercion of religion or faith on others is ultimately possible only through external acts such as confession of faith, prayer, and attendance at religious services." It limits the freedom not to hold a religious belief and not attend religious gatherings."

"The state provides an opportunity to exercise influence, such as degrading religion as a means to achieve the goal of strengthening military power, or for religious groups to intervene in the state power of the military and conduct missionary activities," he said. It violates the principle of separation of state and state in that it results in close coupling."