When their 15-month-old daughter died, the parents who hid the fact and abandoned the body for three years were caught by the police.

They were confirmed to have been receiving her child support payments even after her daughter's death.

This is Reporter Som-wook Sohn.


A residential area in Gyeonggi-do.

In early January of last year, then 15-month-old infant A died in a villa here.

[Nearby trader: (The police came) showed me a picture of a (woman) living in that building, but (because it was the first person I saw), she said she was an unknown person.]

Mr. B, the mother of her daughter, hid the body without informing her of the death of her daughter. .

Mr. B put her daughter's body on the veranda of her house and put it in her suitcase and kept it at her parents' house.

Later, when her husband C, who was serving a sentence in prison, was released from prison, her body was moved to her in-laws' house in Seoul with her husband.

The place where the police found the body was in the kimchi container on the roof of the in-laws' house.

Their crimes were revealed during an enumeration of 3-year-old children last October by the authorities. 

Pocheon City confirmed that Ms. A had never undergone a health checkup and had not been registered at her daycare center, and she reported missing to 112.

[Pocheon city official: Her mother and father said the wrong words to each other, and we were suspicious, so we investigated what happened.

At the beginning of the investigation, both parents denied the charges, saying that they had abandoned the child on the street, but confessed to the crime when a profiler was put in and digital forensic results came out.

It has been confirmed that they have been receiving child support payments even after their daughter's death.

The police also confirmed that Mr. B was habitually neglectful, such as leaving Miss A and leaving the house whenever she went to visit her husband in prison.

Police plan to investigate the cause of death based on the results of the NFS autopsy.