Among the

new additions to


platforms we highlight four that exude quality and imagination and are original.

Two of them are Spanish

and there is a third whose cast includes an actor from our country who has a leading role in the story.

STORIES NOT TO SLEEP (Amazon Prime Video)

Alice Waddington, Jaume Balagueró, Nacho Vigalondo and Salvador Calvo.

These four directors lead the new batch of episodes of

a series that updates the famous mystery stories created by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador.

On this occasion, some crimes in Galicia, a guy obsessed with security cameras, some people who find themselves trapped in their own home or two people who must decide whether to live or die in a scary future are the plots of four stories. in which

Petra Martínez, Javier Gutiérrez, Manuela Vellés, Pablo Derqui and Álvaro Morte participate.

Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here.

1899 (Netflix)

This German production comes with the endorsement of being produced by

the same people in charge of



And, like that series,



the mystery is not easy to unravel.

Come on, it is not strange not to understand anything that happens on many occasions.

A ship that has been lost for months, another that sails through the ocean

loaded with singular characters (among them, one played by the Spanish Miguel Bernadeau) and, as on that occasion,

inexplicable events that are difficult to assimilate.

A different proposal, which requires calm and wastes imagination.

And with

a gloomy and very very suffocating atmosphere.

THE ROUTE (AtresPlayer Premium)

Sex, drugs and lots of disco music.

On these wickers, the famous bakalao route (or Destroy, it doesn't matter) brought with it a freedom that many took advantage of to dance, have a good time and get out of their reality.

In this series, prestigious directors such as Belen Funes, Carlos Marqués-Marcet or Borja Soler risk to tell those dreams of youth with a plot in which

Àlex Monner

shines (once again)

, accompanied on this occasion by

Elisabet Casanovas, Claudia Salas , Ricardo Gomez, Sonia Almarcha and Nao Albert


If you don't know (or have already forgotten) those crazy nights in the 90s, this series is in charge of reviving them with many great songs and an exquisite production.


From Australia comes

a political thriller that leaves leaders

in general in a very bad light.

When an Aboriginal woman becomes a hero in her country overnight,

the Prime Minister decides to give her a position from which she can collaborate with her government.

A very poisoned 'gift' that this woman will receive and that will allow her to see very closely how politicians are capable of anything to continue in her position.

It has been compared to



The West Wing of the White House

and has two seasons.

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