<Reporter Ki-jun Son>

Since the last case of the Juvenile Juvenile in Jinju became known to the world, various places have reported about the damage.

So this time our reporters visited Suwon, Gyeonggi-do.

There have been reports that a fifth-grade elementary school student was assaulted by a group of upperclassmen a grade higher, and this was not enough, and they forced him to make an extreme choice in cyberspace, let's check it out.

Group A, who is in 5th grade this year.

He has a lot of laughs and is kind. Last year he also served as the class president and was a kid who loved Taekwondo.

However, after the incident in March, I became a different child.

It was Friday afternoon, March 11th.

6th graders talked to group A who was riding a bicycle.

[Kun A: I called 'Hey, come to work'.

He says he's the best fighter here at school.

We said let's see who is stronger and let's fight.]

Among this group, group B beat A group all the time, and the other students surrounded and watched.

On Saturday the 12th, group A was also dragged by group B.

Group B forced Group A to swear at a 6th grade girl.

[Gun A: I made you say 'It's XXX'.

(Swearing) I said if you don't, I'll kill you.

(Just killing them?) Yes.]

Female students who did not know English drove group A into a nearby corner and asked why they were swearing, and in the process, group A's arm touched a girl's body.

Group B's party assaulted Army A again and bought food at a convenience store with Group A's credit card.

That night, Army B invited Army A to an online group chat room.

There were nine people in the chat room, including a group of B and a female student I met during the day.

In the chat room, group B began to drive them to be the perpetrators of sexual harassment, saying, 'Group A likes physical contact'.

Other students also agreed and forced an apology for over four hours.

When the impatient group A hinted at an extreme choice, he even insisted on it.

[Gun A's mother: I'd rather die than you would believe, that's what I said.

So the kid said it was too hard, so he actually tried to go up on the roof.]

On Sunday the 13th, the group B and the group called out group A and assaulted them this time saying, 'Apologize for the sexual harassment.'

Group A was even reported to the School Violence Reporting Center as a perpetrator of sexual harassment.

[Gun A's mother: 117 and ○○ reported it.

So I asked him to change my child.

I tried to say 'no', but ○○ hit me again from the side.] Only after the

police came to the house did A's mother find out about what had happened.

When I took him to the hospital, he found that group A's left knee was fractured after three days of assault.

The school was also informed of the crime.

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The Office of Education gave different dispositions to 9 students, including group B, and for group B, attendance was suspended for 10 days.

Last month, the police sent the group B and others to the Juvenile Department of the Suwon Family Court with the opinion of indictment.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, Choi Dae-woong, Yoon Hyung, Yang Ji-hoon, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, CG: Um So-min, Jo Su-in)


<Reporter Kim Min-jun> The

police and the education office sided with the victim, but the bigger tragedy was disposed of. I came here after this was taken down.

Let's take a look at how the victim fell apart, and whether the school really kept them safe.

When all of his friends go to school, group A can't even leave the house.

[Kun A: I really want to go.

But because of the teachers and my brothers and sisters, I can't go because it's uncomfortable.



Post-traumatic stress disorder, tinnitus, and panic disorder hit group A.

[Gun A's mother: I woke up suddenly from sleep.

Then I cry.

I cry while sleeping.

Mom, just looking for mom.

At some point, suddenly, there is a 'beep' sound in my ears.]

Recently, I have also had problems with my eyes.

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[Gun A's mother: (Child) After eating, I just stood up to brush my teeth, but she said, 'I can't see my mother'.

It's because of high intraocular pressure, but if this happens frequently, it will start in your twenties and you will become blind in your thirties...


When moving from school to school, the teacher must accompany him and persuade the child to go, believing the principal's words that the perpetrators will not be able to approach him.

[Gun A: I was afraid that the older brother would chase after me again, so I went to the bathroom and reported it to the police.]

My mother hurriedly went to the principal's office, and the principal said this.

[Principal: ○○, really, I can't even tell you to leave school, and I can't even tell you not to leave.]

[Gun A's mother: Are you saying that you shouldn't leave school after seeing ○○?]

[Principal: No, it's not like that.


I repeated every time I called him to read the letter of apology from the perpetrator, who did not contain sincerity.

[Gun A's mother: I can't go to school right now because I'm afraid I'll get hurt again.]

[School official: If I receive a letter like this, I think my heart will definitely be relieved a bit.]

He asked the Office of Education for help, saying that the measures to separate the perpetrators from the perpetrators were not being carried out properly, but he said that the School Violence Review Committee can be reopened for further measures only when there is objective evidence.

[Gun A's mother: They said it didn't work because there was no evidence.

Then it means that you have to shoot all the videos while carrying the camera.

I wonder if that's possible as the little girl gets uncomfortable...


There were times when group A had an eye problem and went to the school health room, but received no help.

[Group A: I asked for help, but the teachers said there was nothing they could do to help.


[A-kun: At first, it seemed like there were many things I wanted (at school), but now I don’t think there is a need.

I hate living because of my school.]

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, Choi Dae-woong, Yoon Hyung, Yang Ji-hoon, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)